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News from Asia and the Pacific




Urgent need to create guidelines to deal with the Habeas Corpus petitions in India against women/lesbians by families



Dear Friends: 


We hope this email finds you well! It's time to give you a heads up on what's happening on  This weekly newsletter is sent to approximately 6076 LBGTI and allied organizations in the world.


To post an article on, update your group's page, add pictures and a logo on ILGA's directory, apply to become a member of ILGA or renew your membership fees, please log in using, the email we have for the person acting as contact between ILGA and your group: Antonio Guarita


Below are some of the organizations in our directory and articles uploaded on our website.




Council of People living with HIV/AIDS in Kerala


Gay Bombay Group


Lakshya Trust


Maan AIDS Foundation


Mission for Indian Gay & Lesbian Empowerment (MINGLE)




Urgent need to create guidelines to deal with the Habeas Corpus petitions against women by families – Press Conference report (INDIA) 

Praja Rajakiya Vedike organised a press meet to discuss the order passed by Hon’ble High Court of Kerala in the case of two women who wanted to live together and who were opposed to heterosexual marriage. One of the women, Saranya’s father had filed a writ petition seeking writ of Habeas Corpus alleging that his daughter Saranya is detained by Sruthi, whom he alleged had enticed to take his daughter away from Shornur, in Kerala.

Press Release: Saranya went back to her parents on 30 July 2013, after undergoing a lot of stress and `emotional blackmail’ (INDIA) 

After undergoing a lot of stress and `emotional blackmail’, one of the two women, Saranya, who came to Bangalore from Kerala, went back to her parents on 30 July 2013. However, Shruthi returned to Bangalore on her own choice and pledged to fight the conservative system and appealed to everyone not to discriminate them.

Human Rights Violations against a lesbian couple in Kerala, India (with English Subtitles) (INDIA) 

Watch the video of the two adult lesbians from Kerala who are being prevented from living together by their families.

Sangama will continue to defend the rights of lesbian women: Cochin Press Conference on 29th July 2013 (INDIA) 

Sangama reiterated its support to Saranya and Sruthi, two women who relocated to Bangalore from Kerala; to live together. The press conference held at the Press Club of Ernakulam on 29th July 2013 was addressed by CR Neelakandan (environmental activist and writer), KP Sasi (film maker), Asha Unnithan (advocate), Manohar Elavarthi (founder of Sangama and Joint Secretary of Praja Rajakiya Vedike) and BT Venkatesh (advocate, who is going to represent Saranya in the Kerala Highcourt on 30 July 2013). A video testimony from Saranya and Sruthi was distributed.

Civil Unions in Thailand? (THAILAND) 

Professor Douglas Sanders from Mahidol University in Bangkok writes about where Thailand is in regards to civil unions and makes predictions about where they are going.


LGBT Politics in Southeast Asia


Is Southeast Asia becoming more tolerant towards its LGBT community? Consider these recent developments in the region: A Singaporean politician admitted on Facebook that he is gay. A Malaysian transgendered person was appointed political secretary in Penang State. Two government ministries in Vietnam and some legislators in Thailand have publicly endorsed legislation that would permit same-sex marriage if passed. And in the Philippines an LGBT political party was able to participate in the party list elections.

Vietnamese transgenders battle against bigotry (VIET NAM) 

While Vietnam's gay rights movement is making significant headway in the fight for equality, the country's transgender community remains relatively marginalised.


‘Lesbian Boys’ photobook hits Japan stores (JAPAN) 

The images have been put together with love – and determination – by Japanese photographer Naoko Tachibana in her photobook Yuri Danshi, released ceremoniously on 31 July.

Female vigilantes in India join forces to fight rape (INDIA) 

In a country where a woman is raped every 20 minutes, the group's extreme measures have won quiet approval from some. Eight young women dressed in red tunics and black scarves make their way along a narrow lane in Lucknow's Madiyav slum in northern India as young men move quickly out of their way, avoiding their eyes.

Sunil Pant Introduces the New Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society (NEPAL) 

The founder and until recently the Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society (BDS) introduces his replacement as Executive Director. The eminent Sunil Pant also thanked people who helped him and Blue Diamond Society in their struggle for LGBTI rights advocacy and reforms in Nepal for the past 13 years. Read Sunil Pant's message below.

Orthodoxy no drag for gay Israeli crossdresser (ISRAEL) 

Just shy of midnight, Shahar Hadar trades his knitted white yarmulke for a wavy blond wig and a pink velvet dress. Cheers greet him in a packed gay bar as he starts to swivel to a Hebrew pop song, his shiny red lips mouthing lyrics that mean more to him than the audience knows: “With God’s help you’ll have the strength / To overcome and give your all.”

The freedom of press of Indonesian LGBT NGO is under attack(INDONESIA) 

Since April 2013, Our Voice Indonesia, one of the Indonesian LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) NGOs faced an issue on their freedom of distribution of information to their audiences. Some audiences complained of not being able to access the website of Our Voice Indonesia. On Tuesday, July 16, Our Voice Indonesia discussed advocacy strategies with the Press Legal Institute (LBH Press), before discussing about this blockade to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Menkominfo).


Gay themes win applause in Philippines (PHILIPPINES) 

Years before Hollywood director Ang Lee’s gay cowboy romance “Brokeback Mountain” took Asia by storm, gay films have been considered a key part of the Philippines’ diverse culture.

Lesbians 101 (PHILIPPINES) 

The opposite of ignorance is enlightenment, and we fear what we don't know. Here are 101 things to know. Be informed.

Gay marriage to be among top issues in Australian election campaign(AUSTRALIA) 

Advocates for marriage equality in Australia have released polling that shows gay marriage will be a big issue for swing voters when they go to the polls 7 September.


Study: One per cent of NZ students are trans (NEW ZEALAND) 

One per cent of New Zealand students have reported they are trans, after a question on gender identity was included in an important Auckland University survey for the first time.

Tolley says Corrections are looking into issues faced by trans* prisoners(NEW ZEALAND) 

A comprehensive review of the transgender prisoner policy is currently being undertaken by the Department of Corrections.  Minister Anne Tolley says “potential changes to the Corrections Regulations are being worked through which would enhance the management of transgender prisoners in our prisons.”

Vancouver's trans march comes as equal-rights bill hits wall (CANADA) 

On Friday (August 2), you can add your voice to the fight for trans rights by joining the annual Trans and Genderqueer Liberation and Celebration March.


Lost in the Forest: A Review of DSM-5 (WORLD) 

The new edition of the DSM replaces DSM-IV, which appeared in 1994. The DSM is the standard – and standardising – work of reference issued by the American Psychiatric Association, but its influence reaches into every nook and cranny of psychiatry, everywhere. Hence its publication has been greeted by a flurry of discussion, hype and hostility across all media, both traditional and social.


STP Call to Action and Communiqué (WORLD) 

STP launches the Call to Action for the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization 2013 and the Publication of a New Communiqué.


3rd International Intersex Forum in Budapest (WORLD) 

The 3rd International Intersex Forum will take place in Budapest, Hungary from 29 November to 1 December 2013. The application deadline is 16 August 2013. Late applications cannot be considered.

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See you next week for another edition of News from Asia and the Pacific.


Thank you,

ILGA Communications Team Asia


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